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The most courageous decision (part 1)

(This is an excerpt from the book, Stepping Up™ by Dennis Rainey — this excerpt begins after a discussion about what it means to “make a decision for Christ.”  If you haven’t done that, or if you have questions about what that means, you can email us at You can also purchase the book, Stepping Up™ and read the section describing this or check out this website,

Once you’ve made the most courageous decision to yield your life to Christ, the rest of your life lies ahead. There are some additional decisions that will mark your passage as a man.

most courageous decision a man can make?

The first is: Will you let God define your identity as a man? When a man defines himself and attempts to determine his identity apart from God, he is left to compare himself with others — a low and dangerous standard. A real man finds his essence and identity in his Creator.

No man will understand who he is and what his ultimate assignment on planet Earth is apart from knowing God. This is why A. W. Tozer wrote in his book, Knowledge of the Holy,

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”

In fact, I believe that one of the reasons we’re short of real men today is that we’ve lost the fear of God. The majority of proverbs in the Old Testament were written by a father to his son to introduce him to God and equip him for life. Proverbs 1:7 tells us clearly, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.” The word wisdom is an important word for men. It means that we are to have skill in everyday living. We are to live life skillfully, the way our Creator designed it to be lived. Fearing God is the starting point for being a real man.

To fear God means that I hold Him in reverential awe. It means I see Him for who He is — the sovereign King. When I revere God for who He is, I can rightly determine who I am as a man.

As I study Scripture and understand who God is, I realize that I am not the center of the universe. God is. I realize that I don’t call the shots in life. God does.

This means I humble myself in submission to Him. I make choices realizing that God is everywhere present, sees all, and knows all. I live my life not to please myself but to please Him. I understand that I will someday give an account of my life to God and that His presence in my life motivates me to turn away from temptation, evil, and sin.  That is why this is the most courageous decision we make in this life.

What have you experienced when it comes to making this decision in your life or maybe haven’t made?

Tomorrow’s Post — What other courageous decision must you make in life?

3 things to keep us from slipping up and keep us stepping up

3 Things that Help Keep Us Stepping Up in Becoming Men of God

We are excited about the upcoming Stepping Up Video Study for men (due out later this year).  There are so many great stories, teaching moments and challenges to help us in our growing up and becoming more and more like the men of God we were created to become.  Periodically, we’ll share some of the clips of that study to give you a “bite of the cookie,” so to speak.

Here’s a clip of Dennis sharing a moment from his life that called his integrity into account.  Though this was a relatively minor issue in the scheme of life, it reflects the kinds of decisions we have to make every day and how, with every wrong decision, our integrity erodes little by little.  We all want to be men of integrity.  The best way is to learn from each other.  Watch to see how Dennis turned this into a teaching moment for him and his son.


The fear of God … the love of God … the rewards of God.  Those are the three key elements that Dennis shared from 2 Corinthians 5 that compel us to be men of integrity and live uncompromisingly against temptations in our conduct so we can become better men of God.

As Dennis admitted, none of us is perfect.  But when we mess up, the first place we need to go is on our knees.  Or we run the risk of laying another brick on the sands of life that will ultimately form a foundation that will not withstand the storms we will inevitably experience. So stand firm, men.  Don’t let the temptations of this life turn into the erosion of our integrity and keep us from stepping up and becoming the men of God He created us to become.

Is there a situation you need to act on right now?  A wrong that’s been eating at you that you need to right?  A small decision that you need to ask forgiveness for?  Don’t go another minute without beginning to erase the condemnation that the enemy wants to heap upon you.  Christ has already given you freedom.  You just need to embrace it and turn and walk in it daily.  That’s what men of God do when they are stepping up!

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