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You are the most interesting man in their world

He could shoot a pistol accurately and break it down and clean it and teach me to do so. That made me feel cool. He was an attorney, but played with rockets on the weekend (Army National Guard), flew an airplane, and was a daredevil on a motorcycle. He even tried some mountain biking and played tennis and golf with me. He played racquetball with friends at church and always held his own. I only ran with him a couple of times once I realized I didn’t have a chance of keeping up. Never could beat him in chess that I remember. He took me fishing and camping and seemed to know what he was doing with both. I was almost shocked when he revealed he could not dunk a basketball. How could that be? He’s so tall! (5’10” – but a mountain of a man compared to a seven year old).

Most Interesting Dad

My Dad. And me. On a Rocket = Interesting. (Bonus Interest = Bushy Mustache).

Was my dad super man? No, though it sure seemed like it at the time. Did he have all kinds of crazy extra time to foster tons of hobbies? No, between his work as an Attorney and the Army, he didn’t have much margin left, but he made the most of it and stayed interesting. He was interesting to me and I loved that he did interesting things that I was proud to tell my friends about. And you know what? We were all better because of it. When dad was pursuing things he loved, he became a better man. And he was around men that helped make him better.

Of course any hobby can become an unhealthy obsession. You can’t let it tank your family. There are only so many hours in a day and you can’t do it all, so you will have to make some hard decisions. But this is actually a positive thing; It forces you to focus. Do fewer things and become better at them.

To sharpen and be sharpened

Proverbs 18:1 says, “Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment.” If you are not spending time around other men, sharpening relationships, then you are getting isolated, and that’s a bad place to be. And too many guys who are absorbed with work end up here: Without friends or men they can trust and who know them.

have to have other guys in my life I can trust who will help make me a better man by calling me out for sin, but also by celebrating my victories. There’s group of guys I ride bikes with. They make sure to let me know when I’m dogging it, but they also sing my praises when I show up strong. But it’s because of the time spent together on the bike and the common bond that we can share other moments. Character gets exposed over time, and these guys are willing to press in when they see character issues. And though it hurts, I’m ever so grateful for it, because they make me a better man.

Your Interesting Self also opens doors for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with other guys. Fly fishing, guitar jam sessions, model airplanes, rock climbing, chess meet-ups, or whatever, all of these build relationships that aren’t as likely to occur at work, and will probably never happen at church. I used to play basketball with a group of guys (before a knee injury). Those shared experiences led to many gospel centered conversations – at the gym, but also over lunch, or at our house over dinner, or even the hospital (ankles pop in a hurry after 40).

Go forth and be interesting

So be emboldened to venture into something interesting. Maybe it’s something dramatic like learning to fly a helicopter, or something practical like getting a masters degree in something that would make you more money. Or maybe you go after something that has always fascinated you like restoring a classic muscle car, or finally launching your professional music career playing the Glockenspiel. Whatever it is, you have it in you to become the most interesting dad in the world. Or at least to your kids. And when life tempts you to get low, to drop to the bottom of the well, do what it takes to pull up the bucket!

John MajorsJohn Majors is the most interesting dad in the word to three kids, ages 9-1 (boy-girl-boy), and is pretty interesting to Julie, his wife of 14 years. He’s also got an interesting background, which includes working at a civil war era prison, making glass briquettes, working for an orchestra, and teaching in locations like Rwanda and Fiji. As a key creator of the Stepping Up material, one of John’s greatest interests is to see men equipped with tools for leading their families well.

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  1. March 24, 2014    

    Thanks for this article. Good stuff! I resonate with your interest in cycling. I have used that interest to be interesting to my kids. You can see some photos and general reflections here…

  1. You are the most interesting man in their world - on March 24, 2014 at 10:40 pm

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