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Movies: They’re not just for entertainment

When my family gets together to have a good time and just chill out, we love to watch a great (not just good) family movie. Who doesn’t? Some of our favorites are Madagascar, Cars, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. For date nights, my wife and I enjoy movies like Courageous and Fireproof. We love these movies because they are fun, entertaining and they reinforce the values we want our kids to have.

Using movies to teach. Then there are movies that we show our boys for other purposes. For example, young sons need to understand why it’s not good for them to be left on their own without supervision. Answering  “Because I say so,” just isn’t satisfying to kids intellectually when they reach a certain age. After I sat down with my boys and watched Lord of the Flies, they understood the complicated issues very easily, because the movie graphically illustrated the difficulties in a way I can’t describe as well verbally.

In the same way, when I wanted to teach my boys about duty, honor, courage, and loyalty, we watched Saving Private Ryan together. While it may seem like an overly-bloody movie to some people, the values I mentioned are important to me. The movie demonstrates all of these traits in a story that is based on historical events and in a specific context that I can’t recreate in my own life.

There are other movies that demonstrate the traits of manhood, courage, upholding vows, and many other positive traits in men. So build a good library of these movies and see if they don’t help you teach your boys new things in new ways that are more creative and easy than just sitting down and having a talk.

Are you using movies to teach? Tell us what your favorite movies are for teaching moments? What are some of your favorite family movies for just plain fun?

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  1. Ed's Gravatar Ed
    October 6, 2013    

    I really enjoyed Groundhog Day. It shows that living a life to serve others is more rewarding than a selfish one. But I do hate the sex scene at the very end. Hollywood always blows it at the end.

  2. October 19, 2013    

    We watched “Remember the Titans” with our youth group recently illustrating the importance of team work and equality and determination. Of course all of the boys went wild afterwards and started tackling each other! haha

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