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Dennis Rainey’s ‘Thank you!’ for Stepping Up on Saturday!

This past Saturday a truly amazing thing happened. Literally tens of thousands of men gathered in over 1,200 locations … churches, homes, basements, college campuses, retreat centers, restaurants, prisons, and military bases.

They met across the US in ALL 50 states … in Budapest … Hungary… Mexico City… the Cayman Islands …

They shared their life-changing experiences on blogs, Facebook and Twitter … they texted … they prayed … and many made life-altering decisions of faith in Jesus Christ.

It was the Stepping Up  Super Saturday, where men were challenged to STEP UP to courageous manhood and become God’s man!

Stepping Up at FamilyLife

I’ve heard tons of stories, but I experienced one event myself. I decided to show up unannounced at the Super Saturday gathering here at FamilyLife headquarters. Why did I go to that location? Convenience? Nope. Because it was here at the office? Nope. I’ll tell you why … it was because there were over 50 men in attendance — ALL BECAUSE A 16-YEAR-OLD YOUNG MAN, WESTLEY, AND TWO OF HIS TEENAGE BUDDIES STEPPED OUT AND STEPPED UP! I wouldn’t have missed how three young men made an impact on their peers and men of all ages by stepping up! GREAT STUFF!!!

I want to thank every one of you who attended Super Saturday — even the women who cheated and “found a way to listen in” — for caring enough about your families to step up, reach out, and make a difference. If you attended, write me. If you brought your sons and/or sons-in-law with you, tell them to write me.

But know this … Super Saturday was just the beginning. That single event is spawning hundreds of men’s groups that are now going to go through the 10-week follow-up series, where even more life change will occur. Stay tuned … we’ve only begun to battle for men!

Keep on Stepping Out and Up,

Dennis Rainey

(1 Corinthians 16:13-14)

Excerpted from FamilyLife’s enewsletter, “FamilyLife Friends.”
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  1. Tony Dronkers, Washington Area Coalition of Men's Ministries, Conference Director's Gravatar Tony Dronkers, Washington Area Coalition of Men's Ministries, Conference Director
    February 6, 2013    

    “life changing” is in fact the comment most heard after saturday. thank you for putting together an amazing way to reach out to mobilize men. We had multiple churches in a single location and we had a great time. the quality of the materiel is outstanding!!! thanks again for coming alongside us in ministering to the hearts of men…..Soli Deo Gloria

    • MenSteppingUp's Gravatar MenSteppingUp
      February 6, 2013    

      Thanks, Tony. That’s very exciting to hear. We’ve received great feedback so far. Now, we hope that organizations like yours are busy helping men’s ministries start up all over the Washington D.C. and surrounding areas. Thank you for the work you are doing to continue helping men step up into their roles as courageous men of God! If you have anyone going through the Stepping Up 10 session study, let us know how that is going or what other steps men are taking out of the 2-2-13 event! Blessings.

      • Tony Dronkers's Gravatar Tony Dronkers
        February 6, 2013    

        We started our ten week study last night with 12 men

  2. James's Gravatar James
    February 6, 2013    

    Great Work Tony, my son and I loved the conference and the impact it had in reminding us who we are called to be as men of God. Looking forward to the next one…and I’ll bring more men with me this time!

  3. CDR Scott Hudson, USN's Gravatar CDR Scott Hudson, USN
    February 7, 2013    

    Dennis, this is the second Stepping Up event that I have attended with two of my three sons. All three of my sons are attending the ten week series with me on Tuesday nights. I am using this as part of the answer to God’s call to raise my sons to be courageous young men. Thank you for planning and executing the events on Saturday. Me and my sons look forward to the entire series. As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord.

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