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My anniversary epic fail

It’s me, the guy who told all of you guys how to plan special anniversary celebrations, because they are important to our wives. I still believe that, too. And I planned a great, week-long trip to celebrate my 14th anniversary with my bride. I had it all set up: great, romantic destination, pre-planned tourist stops, lots of beautiful scenery. It was dee-luxe all the way. I was the man with the plan.

Until we returned to our cottage after a romantic dinner and she gave me my anniversary card. She had a look on her face that said, “Okay. Where’s my card?” Time stood still, the crickets chirped and my life passed before my eyes. I had done almost everything. Almost. I did not buy an anniversary card for my bride. I had nothing to give her in return for her card to me. She looked at me with so much disappointment.

Anniversary epic fail.

Next, I did the unmanly thing. I got defensive with my wife, making a list of all the things I did do for her. I had planned our trip, the sights, the meals, and I had opened the car door for her every time we got in the car. Then, she reminded me that I hadn’t given her a card on Valentine’s Day, either. I figured the cruise we took for Valentines Day made up the card. What is it with the cards?

Actually, given time to get out of my defensive mode and listen to my bride, I had a moment of enlightenment. It’s not about the cards; it’s the sentiment. I should have realized that immediately. It’s about the words on the card I picked out and about the personal words that I added. I have worked at many Weekend to Remember marriage getaways, and the number one comment we receive in our feedback is that people totally love the project that requires each spouse to write a love letter to the other.

When we speak love to our wives through notes, cards, and love letters, we are following in the footsteps of the man who, when asked by God, “Of everything in the world, what would you like to have?” answered that he would like to have wisdom. That was Solomon, and he used many words of love to woo his beloved in the Song of Solomon. Such as, “How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh, how beautiful! Your eyes are doves.” Nice, eh?

Trust me, I will never forget the value of an anniversary card, Valentines Day card, Mothers Day card or even Groundhog Day card. Honestly it’s not even about a $5 card. In fact, next time I am simply going to write her a note, fold it in half and put it in envelope. Knowing my wife, it will be worth way more than $5. It will be priceless.

How about you? Are you ready to step up and recognize your wife’s need for affirmation, love and emotional security?

3 reasons wedding anniversaries matter

There are three main reasons why your wedding anniversary should be important to you.

The first reason is that it’s important to God that men make a point of remembering and outwardly celebrating His blessings to them.  In the Old Testament, God commanded His men to gather together 12 stones as a “remembrance” of miracles he performed for them (Genesis 31:1; Joshua 4:8; I Kings 18:31).  Just as those men remembered God’s blessings to them and praised God for them, we need to remember our anniversaries, celebrate, and thank God for our wives.  Anniversaries are milestones, opportunities to honor our wives and God.

Second, wedding anniversaries matter to our wives.  And, guys, whatever is important to them, must be important to us, because God tells us to love our wives as Christ loves the Church, and even gave His life for her (Ephesians 5:25).

Finally, our kids are usually aware of our anniversaries, and they are watching.  A man who honors his marriage, his wife, and God is showing his kids that their home is a secure place to be. They can count on him.

Happy couple on the floor - wedding anniversaries matter

Wedding anniversaries matter. They’re a memento of a life shared.

To me, though, not just any date night works for an anniversary celebration.  An anniversary calls for a special deal.  This past year, for example, I took my bride of 13 years on a tour of all of the special places around town that had special meaning for us as a couple.  We started at the restaurant where we went on our first date.  We drove by the coffee shop that had been our favorite, on by the apartment where she lived when we first met, and where I lived when we met.  I took her to the place where I proposed to her.

At each spot, we stopped to talk and walk around a while, remembering all of the memories sparked by that spot and the surrounding area.  It was a great time of remembering and celebrating because it was planned in advance, and intentional.

My wife has already begun to remind me that our next anniversary isn’t too far off, and she’s looking forward to it.  So, I’m working up a plan for this next one now.  Although I don’t know exactly what it’s going to look like yet, it will be good because I know who I will be celebrating with, and she knows I’m planning ahead.

What about you guys?  Does your wife know you are planning now for your next anniversary celebration?  What do you do to demonstrate your thankfulness to God for your wife?

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