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12 Ways to encourage Your wife


One of the best ways to encourage your wife is by spending time with her, and really listening to her

We all want to encourage our wives, right?  Sometimes, it’s just a matter of coming up with an idea of what to do, and we want to help!  So here are 12 ideas to encourage your wife:

1. Get up first in the mornings and get the coffee started.

2. Call your wife at lunch time and ask her how her day is going.

3. Always remember birthdays and anniversaries.

4. If you ever compare your wife’s cooking to your mother’s cooking, make sure your wife’s cooking comes out on top!

5. Take your wife’s face in your hands, look into her eyes, and tell her you would marry her all over again, and again, and again, and again.

6. If your wife’s parents are ever harsh or judgmental with her, respectfully intervene and be protective of your wife.

7. When your wife wants to watch football, take time to sit down, and enjoy that time with her.

8. Schedule a regular date night, even if it’s just to get out for a cup of coffee and dessert.

9. Tell your wife you love her, and tell her why.

10. Pray with your wife every day.

11. Put the seat down and teach your sons to do the same.

12. Never stop opening doors for your wife, including the car door.

3 reasons wedding anniversaries matter

There are three main reasons why your wedding anniversary should be important to you.

The first reason is that it’s important to God that men make a point of remembering and outwardly celebrating His blessings to them.  In the Old Testament, God commanded His men to gather together 12 stones as a “remembrance” of miracles he performed for them (Genesis 31:1; Joshua 4:8; I Kings 18:31).  Just as those men remembered God’s blessings to them and praised God for them, we need to remember our anniversaries, celebrate, and thank God for our wives.  Anniversaries are milestones, opportunities to honor our wives and God.

Second, wedding anniversaries matter to our wives.  And, guys, whatever is important to them, must be important to us, because God tells us to love our wives as Christ loves the Church, and even gave His life for her (Ephesians 5:25).

Finally, our kids are usually aware of our anniversaries, and they are watching.  A man who honors his marriage, his wife, and God is showing his kids that their home is a secure place to be. They can count on him.

Happy couple on the floor - wedding anniversaries matter

Wedding anniversaries matter. They’re a memento of a life shared.

To me, though, not just any date night works for an anniversary celebration.  An anniversary calls for a special deal.  This past year, for example, I took my bride of 13 years on a tour of all of the special places around town that had special meaning for us as a couple.  We started at the restaurant where we went on our first date.  We drove by the coffee shop that had been our favorite, on by the apartment where she lived when we first met, and where I lived when we met.  I took her to the place where I proposed to her.

At each spot, we stopped to talk and walk around a while, remembering all of the memories sparked by that spot and the surrounding area.  It was a great time of remembering and celebrating because it was planned in advance, and intentional.

My wife has already begun to remind me that our next anniversary isn’t too far off, and she’s looking forward to it.  So, I’m working up a plan for this next one now.  Although I don’t know exactly what it’s going to look like yet, it will be good because I know who I will be celebrating with, and she knows I’m planning ahead.

What about you guys?  Does your wife know you are planning now for your next anniversary celebration?  What do you do to demonstrate your thankfulness to God for your wife?

A tribute to Daddy Fish

I believe the battle for the family today begins with how men behave.  As men step up and man up, they will have an incredible impact on their wives and on their children.  And that impact will be felt for many years to come.  We need a movement of men stepping up.

A number of years ago on FamilyLife Today, we interviewed RV Brown, who heads up an outreach to youth.  RV was one of 17 children, and at the end of our interview I asked him to give a tribute to his father — to honor him for what he had done well.


I’ll never forget what he said to his dad, Willie Fish:

“Daddy Fish, I just want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, first of all, for loving my Mama, and then secondly, for loving me, and kissing me, and rubbing my little round head, and telling me to go to school, and everything was going to be okay.  And then, Dad, I want to thank you for taking me fishing — July the sixth, 1959, for the first time.  

“And Dad, I want to just tell you what an awesome leader you was.  With no education, Dad, you taught me.  You educated me how to love.  Dad, thank you!  I’m the kind of man I am today because of who you are.  Thank you for loving Mama.  Thank you for the leadership and authority in which you raised us.  Thank you for the discipline; and most of all, father, I want to thank you for that hug and that kiss, and that little rub on my little, round head, and you’d say, ‘You’re going to be okay, son.’  Dad, I love you.”

What a great illustration of a man who was courageous in stepping up to love and lead his family.

It doesn’t get much better than this.  This is the type of impact we long to have as men.  Men Stepping Up means a culture that will begin to change for the better.

Men Stepping Up

To listen to the FamilyLife Today program where RV Brown’s tribute is shared, click below:

Are you man enough to face the giants in your life?

Facing the giants in your life

One of the most well-known stories of the Bible is the story about David and Goliath.  In the Stepping Up Video Series, Dennis Rainey tells the story to challenge men to step up and take the initiative in the responsibilities to which God calls them.

David was heroic and did take the initiative.  The key to this story is that David didn’t have the power to defeat Goliath on his own.  His power was in his faith — what God can do.  Are there areas in your life where you need to trust God?  Here’s a hint … they are usually the areas that cause us to worry, fret, or fear. To step up means to step into situations that require our faith to be stretched beyond our own ability.  If all we ever did was what we could do, God wouldn’t be needed. But when we see all the things around us that only God could have accomplished, isn’t it wise for us to let God do His work by stepping up and taking the initiative to tackle those giants in front of us?

Another interesting aspect of the David and Goliath story is how it is a “shadow” of what God would ultimately do through His Son, Jesus Christ.  It’s part of the overarching narrative of the Bible, which all points to God’s plan and His provision in Jesus Christ to overcome the greatest obstacle any of us can face — death.  (Matt Chandler does a great job of sharing this via The Gospel Project).

We all face “giants” in our lives, and there will be times when God does not seem to respond to our situation the same as He did David’s.  In such cases, we can easily become discouraged or angry toward God.

So it’s important to remember that God claims the ultimate victory because of Jesus Christ’s death and His redemption of mankind.


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