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How are you rubbing against time?

rubbing against time - it's just rainIt’s been raining off and on here for the last several days. Yesterday when I got home from work I had to run back out to the store so I took my two boys with me. We parked and I took my four-year-old’s hand to go inside. He pulled me all across the parking lot row we were on so he could walk through every puddle. He got his shoes, socks, and feet soaking wet. And was happy as he could be.

When we got home, I wanted to go for a run even though I knew there was a good chance of getting rained on. My nine year old wanted to ride his bike with me so we struck out for the jogging trail by our house. He proceeds to ride his bike through every puddle on the paved trail and through every mud hole he could find on the side of the trail. Starting from the back of his head going all the way down to the heels of his shoes he was covered in either water or mud. And now he too was happy as he could be.

As dinner was cooking, the two of them were on the trampoline and the rains came down and began to flood the earth. It was a downpour. I stepped onto our deck to see the boys completely soaked, jumping up and down, grinning ear to ear, and between his screams of joy I heard my four-year-old say to his brother, “This is awesome!”

I started to wonder what’s happened to us men and our childlike joy of jumping in puddles, riding through mud, and playing in the rain? At what point did we start becoming averse to such things instead of looking forward to them? When did we start looking at the weather and then concern ourselves with packing an umbrella? Or when did we decide not to do something like go for a hike or go watch a game because we were afraid it might rain? Better yet, when was the last time it started raining and you grabbed your kids and spent 30 minutes playing in it with them?

One of my favorite authors is Donald Miller. While I don’t agree with all his theology, I love his writing style and he often throws out some good, thought-provoking comments. In one of his books he writes, “A man’s senses are either sharpened or dulled by the way he rubs against time.” How are you rubbing against time these days? Are you being dulled by long hours of work? Are you dulling yourself by always being on your phone checking email, scores, or Pinterest? (If you answered yes to Pinterest you need intervention. Immediately.) Not only are you dulling yourself, you’re dulling your relationships with those around you. Perhaps it’s time for you to change your work-life and phone habits. And  in place of those, reclaim that boyhood, carefree, “enjoy the little things in life” attitude. You’ll be amazed at how much freedom and fun there is when you do this. I promise you’ll love it and so will your kids!


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What do you plan to do to put aside your activities and ask your kids what they want you to do with them?

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