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Born to die, so we can live

Born to dieSo often the true significance of Christmas is hijacked by by our culture’s commercial and secular focus. Honestly though, I think we as Christians are just as guilty of watering down the true meaning of Christmas by focusing too much on the story of the sweet little baby’s birth and too little on the significance of that event. A friend recently made a statement that, for me, puts it all in perspective. If it weren’t for Christ’s death and resurrection, Jesus’ birth would be no more significant than yours or mine. There would be no Christmas without Easter. The same Old Testament that prophesies the Messiah’s birth speaks even more of his suffering, death, and rising to conquer sin. He was born to die, so we can live. Chris Rice’s song “Welcome to Our World” melds images of the helpless one in the manger with prophecies that remind us that He came to solve our helplessness. Christ’s coming broke centuries of silence from God with his people. He invaded our violent world with His peace, wrapped His holiness within our frail flesh, and robbed us of our sin, all to gift us with His righteousness. We hope you enjoy this musical Christmas card from us to you. And we pray that this season, you experience the full significance of His coming. Merry Christmas. YouTube Preview Image

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